Real Money Spell

Real Money SpellThis real money spell will bring wealth and fortune into your life. This spell is relatively easy to cast if you are good at focusing your energy.

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The first step is to set-up your magick circle and altar. You want to face your altar to the north, towards the Element earth as that is where the power for the money spell comes from.

You will need 1 green candle, 1 cleansed piece of jade or opal, and ginger.

After you are set-up you must call the Element Earth to attend your ritual. Once your circle is set up and you are safely inside say the following -

God and Goddess who gave us birth
Bring here the Element of earth
Call this one here tonight
Arrive on their Elemental Light.

Protect us from above
Earth empower us from below and above
Give us strength that lasts
Assist us in this circle that is cast.”

After you have called the Element you can begin your casting.

Step 1:  Take the green candle and coat it in the oil from the ginger.  Hold the candle with the wick facing you and spread the ginger from the bottom towards you.  You want to bring money and prosperity towards you, not away!

Once the candle has been coated take your stone and work it into the bottom of the candle.  You may need something to create a crevice to work the stone into if the candle is hard.

After you have done that place the candle on your altar.  Focus your energy and intent on the candle (chant or do whatever else you feel will help with this).  When your energy is it it’s peak envision it flowing from you into the candle and say the following -

Earth witness and hear my spell
Tonight we cast so go it well
3 times bold, silver and gold.
Bring me wealth of fortunes untold.”

Repeat this three times, and on the last time add the following line

“Three times cast, so be it last, wealth you will bring to me.  The magick is done, so mote it be.”

You should see all of your energy transfer to the candle by the times you are finished.

In order for this real money spell to work there are a few more steps.  After the spell is cast you need to light the candle.  You should focus on the flame and concentrate on your goal.  Remember not to focus on anything specific, like winning the lottery.  Instead just think of gaining wealth in general and let the magick do it’s work.

After the candle has burned out on its own (it doesn’t always burn to the bottom) take it and bury it underneath the north side of a tree.

The real money spell is now complete.

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